Adepticon 2018: Interview with Peter and John Paul

Adepticon 2018: Interview with Peter and John Paul

By Joe Lewis

Battle Rankings

Enjoy the interview with Battlefront’s Peter Simunovich and John-Paul Brisigotti at AdeptiCon 2018.

Some of the topics covered

  • Team Yankee version 2.0
  • The role “Card Packs” will play for future releases
  • A discussion on the Battlefront Forums and future plans for communicating with the fans
  • Etc.

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8 Replies to “Adepticon 2018: Interview with Peter and John Paul”

  1. It would be really great to have extended text for main parts of the video, as it seems to have a lot of information, but it’s impossible to hear it =(

  2. Video Notes:
    Team Yankee will go to V4 rules by the middle of next year.
    Oil Wars 85-86 Israel, Syria, Iran, ETC
    Minor Nations could get card treatments in both systems like Eaast Germans and Afgantsy
    If the Diana Box works there could be more like that.
    They did not want to manages the forums and did not want the trolls any more so they went to 3rd party site
    Good interview, made out most of it with some head phones.

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