Flames of War 2019 Masters Preview

Flames of War 2019 Masters Preview

The Flames of War 2019 Masters will be hosted by Dreamers Vault Games in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 23th and 24th. But Masters will not be the only Flames of War event going on. There will be a side Flames of War tournament, painting clinic and demo games. Battle Rankings had the pleasure of interviewing Sean Olene of Dreamers Vault to discus the extravaganza that is planned for Master’s weekend.

Flames of War 2019 Masters Preview

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Masters is an invitation-only event hosted by Battlefront each year in November for the top eighteen players in United States and Canada.  The invitations, location and date are officially announced during the second week of October. See the box below on how the 18 players are selected by Battlefront.

For the current season, the following players will receive an automatic invite to Masters:

  1. The the previous year’s Masters Champion.
  2. Winner of Adepticon Nationals (March in Schaumburg, IL).
  3. Winner of West Coast Nationals (January in Las Vegas, NV).
  4. Winner of the Nationals at Historicon (July in Lancaster, PA).
  5. Winner of Canadian Nationals (September in Ottawa, Canada).
  6. Number one ranked Canadian player (if not previously invited).

To get to 18 players, the highest 11 ranked players who have not already received an automatic invitations will receive an invitation.  If there is a decline, that invitation will proceed to the next ranked player.

You can check out the latest Flames of War and Team Yankee North America Rankings on BattleRankings.com

Good luck, have fun and see you at the gaming table!

– Joe Lewis

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