Battle Rankings update and upcoming changes.

Battle Rankings update and upcoming changes.

Little more half way in to the 2018-2019 tournament season, we are on pace with last season for the total numbers of Flames of War tournaments. But Team Yankee is about to surpass number of tournaments played of all last year, and still going strong. Between the two eras, the number of tournaments are up sharply and we see this trend continuing.

Working with Battlefront, Battle Rankings is introducing some improvements will help continue to grow and nurture the game we all enjoy to play. Based of feedback, suggestion and conditions on the ground, Battle Rankings will be rolling out some enhancements to the North America Tournament Structure.

Flames of War

Starting with the 2019-2020 season, in addition to the Nationals, there will be Official Regional Events. Currently a nationals event has an additional 5 points added to the overall score of the tournament. A regional events will have a plus 3 points added to that tournament’s over all score. The idea is to strengthen a handful of local tournaments by giving an incentive for people to come out and play.

While Battle Rankings and Battlefront are working out the details for a tournament to be considered a regional. The qualifications will include prior attendance numbers, location and the date as part of the selection process. Once the details are sorted out, we make another announcement with those details in the near future. The plan is to announce the regional tournaments in early October.

Team Yankee

With the increase Team Yankee tournament activity, it is time to show Team Yankee some love. The following changes will be taking place.

  • The tournament season will moved to start on May 1st and end on April 30. May 1st 2019 will start the new season. The adjustment in the start of the Team Yankee season will allow for the follow changes.
  • A Team Yankee Masters will take place the 3rd weekend in June with the first Masters to take place on June 20th and 21st of 2020. The first location is yet to be determined.
  • Team Yankee Masters will be a 14 player invite.
  • Similar to FOW Masters, invitations will sent to the winners of Nationals and then starting with the top ranked players as of May 1st and working on down the list until 14 players have RSVP.
  • Starting in 2020, invitations for Team Yankee Masters will be send out the first week of May.
  • Currently, there will be two Team Yankee Nationals qualifiers: Historicon and Adepticon.
  • Unlike FOW, USA and Canada Team Yankee results will still together in one list.

Battle Rankings Site Update

Battle Rankings has updated its Gaming Resources page to include more links to Battlefront’s content. We have added links to Community Unit Cards, Mid-War Force Diagrams and Firestorm to name a few.

Of course, you can still download the Tournament Submission Form and the instructions on the Gaming Resources page too.

Everything Flames of War and Team Yankee on one page.

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