Wolfkrieg 2018

Wolfkrieg 2018

I spent a couple of days in Elizabethtown, Kentucky to attend Wolfkrieg. Initiated in 2009, it is one of the longest FOW annual tournament events in the country. Wolfkrieg has always been a Red on Blue themed tournament, and this year was no different, with its theme being D-Day

In the first installment of Joe’s Corner, I talk to Tom Burgess, the founder of Wolfkrieg, Chad Underdonk, the current tournament organizer, and Chris Fretts, the winner of Wolfkrieg 2018.


Position Player Nation Points Note
1 Chris Fretts American 85.00
2 Jim McKinney Polish 80.28
3 Andrew Hopson British 75.56
4 Joe Lewis American 70.83
5 Chris Novak German 66.11
6 Robert Bomkamp American 61.39 Best Army
7 Larry Nicastro German 56.67
8 Tom Burgess German 51.94
9 Paul Dorothy American 47.22
10 James Maffei American 42.50
11 Tom Wilson American 37.78
12 Mike Pike German 33.06
13 Ed Hall German 28.33 Best Sport
14 Patrick Connolly German 23.61
15 Howard West German 18.89
16 Joe Merz German 14.17
17 Rich Baier Polish 9.44
18 Waylon Burt German 4.72

You can see all tournament results by clicking the Rankings link in the top navigation bar.

– Joe Lewis

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