Unboxing of the Flames of War Game Night Organized Play Kit

Unboxing of the Flames of War Game Night Organized Play Kit

With the help of a couple of my fellow Able Kompany buddies, Andrew Hopson  and Chris Fretts, we took a look at Battlefront’s “Flames of War Game Night Organised Play Kit.”  The Play Kit is geared toward store owners and gaming clubs to “spice up” the casual pick-up game.  The kit provides a structure and includes nice prize support that doesn’t break the bank.  For more information, check out Battle Rankings’ first video (down below).   Players and Club members, encourage your local store to see our video.

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Joe Lewis


The email links mention in the video

Editor’s Note: You might have noticed that there are two different spellings regarding Organised and Organized.  The version with the “S” is the British spelling, and the “Z” is the American.  We use the two spellings where we thought it was appropriate.

8 Replies to “Unboxing of the Flames of War Game Night Organized Play Kit”

  1. Nice video guys!! Thanks for showing us the unboxing of the kit. I hope there will be some more videos in the future.

    Now I’m off to check out the new forum! 🙂

  2. Those are now Late War minefields as well. As per the “new late war” book released with Late War starter armies. I’ve seen this confusion come up at tournaments recently. (It’s the same as the mid war book.)

    1. My understanding is, the new Late War Forces book uses the new 2″ circle mine fields. Tournaments that use only the version 3 books should use the old 8″ mine fields.

      1. I suppose yes, but that’s only if you play v3. As there is a v4 update this would mean you are playing an old edition. (Which if that’s what you want to do it’s your game. Just the way it’s presented here may confuse less experienced players into thinking the v3 “freebies” rules are current .

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