A New Year, A New Beginning

A New Year, A New Beginning

At the beginning of November, starting a website was not on my radar.  But with the news that WWPD (the former host of the North America Flames of War/Team Yankee Rankings) was going to shut down their site, Rankings needed to find a new home.  This presented an opportunity to create a site that was focused on FOW and TY organized play (maybe some Tanks now and then).  The goal is to make this site the main destination for Tournament Organizers and Players alike by providing useful resources and content.

Check out what has been created so far.

  • News – Articles, reviews, useful information regarding tournaments and organized play.
  • Community – Battle Rankings’ forums: Discuss and share ideas and experiences.
  • Gaming Resources – Finally, a single portal where Tournament Organizers and players can find community-created or official Battlefront FOW/TY supplemental materials. All those extra resources are in one place, on one site (this one).
  • Rankings – the North America tournament tracking system.
  • FAQ – Answers to common questions regarding Rankings purpose, structure, and scoring

While it’s a good start, more content will take time to build and will take community help. So, this is a call for contributors. Got an idea? Run it by me. We want your input!

Here are some ideas for articles we’d like to see:

  • Hosting a tournament: Location selection (aka working with your Local Store) and Advertisement
  • Running a league: maintaining enthusiasm
  • Putting terrain together: dos and don’ts
  • List Building: Random Missions vs Battle Plans
  • Methods of determining Best Sport and Best Painted
  • Themed vs Open Tournament

If you like these or have any other ideas for articles, send your pitch to Submissions@BattleRankings.com

Joe Lewis



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