1st Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive Wrap Up

1st Annual Toys For Tots Toy Drive Wrap Up

After months of planning, the big day arrived. On December 1st, thirty game stores across the USA and Canada played Flames of War and Team Yankee to collect donations for Toys for Tots.  The official name of the charity is Marine Corps Toys for Tots whose basic mission is to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute them to less fortunate children at Christmas. While founded in 1947 by Marine Corps Reserve Major Bill Hendricks and his wife, it was not unit 1991 the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation was created at the behest of the United States Marine Corps.  Since its conception in 1947, the Toys for Tots program has distributed over 548 million toys to 251 million children.

Back in 2013, Able Kompany of Indianapolis, Indiana wanted to add a little something to their annual Christmas Tournament.  The club thought it would be a great idea to give back to the community by collecting donations for Toys for Tots. (Here is a write up about Able Kompany’s 2014 event https://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=4686 .)  Building off the success from the years prior, Able Kompany has been able to collect more donations each year.

But there is only so much one local tournament can raise.  Joe Lewis, being a member of Able Kompany and the administrator of Battle Rankings, saw an opportunity. In September, Battle Rankings reached out to Battlefront’s John Matthews about supporting a North America charity fundraiser.  Without hesitation, Battlefront was fully engaged with the project.  By the end of September, the flyer was finalized and the details were shared with all the Game Stores that work directly with Battlefront.

When the first weekend of December was complete, over 30 game stores across the United States and Canada hosted just short of 300 players. While some stores hosted tournaments, others put on a mega battle.  As an entry fee, all 300 players donated at least one toy for Toys for Tots or another local charity supporting children.  According to Battlefront’s John Matthews, the Toy for Tots toy drive was the largest event ever held by Battlefront.

Flames of War Tournaments

Tournament Date Time Period Players Rounds Winner Winning Army
2018 Toys for Tots – Indianapolis 1 Dec 2018 Mid War 16 3 David Vigor German
2018 Toy for Tots – Game Table Adventures 1 Dec 2018 Mid War 8 3 Pat Connolly German
2018 Toys for Tots – Fredricksburg 1 Dec 2018 Mid War 5 3 Chris Jackson American
Toys for Tots – Pittsburgh PA 1 Dec 2018 Late War 14 3 Jim Naughton German


Team Yankee Tournaments

Tournament Date Players Rounds Winner Winning Army
2018 Toys for Tots – Clarksville TN     1 Dec 2018 6 3 Andrew Johnson United States
2018 Toy for Tots – Houston 1 Dec 2018 10 3 Jason Moses Dutch
2018 Toys for Tots – Columbia MO 1 Dec 2018 8 3 Alex Montileone USSR


Family Time Games – Indianapolis, IN

Game Universe Franklin, WI

Dreamers Vault – Minneapolis, MN


Battlefront provided prize support, but not in the traditional sense.  All the participates, including event organizers, where put into a drawing.  It did not matter how well you played as long as you played (and donated at least one toy).   The top prize won their height in Battlefront Box Sets (minimum height 5’8”).  The next five lucky participants received an 150 point army of their choice. And 40 participants were chosen to receive a Battlefront book or a platoon box.  All winners were contacted by Battlefront.

– Joe Lewis
Battle Rankings Administrator

Here are the 40 winners:

Player Game Store
Mike Matthews Adventure Games
Scott Stewart Armchair Adventurer
Manuel Guerra Asgard Games
John Birdwell Atlantis
Paul Paule Bobe’s Hobby House
Alex White Bolo’s Armory
Ryan Waldock Dreamers Vault
JB Cedarburg Dreamers Vault
John Dudkiewicz Dreamers Vault
Andy Rogers Family Time Games
Bart Wood GAJO
Justin Rodriguez Game Empire- Pasadena
Jerry Lane Game HQ
Justin Rodriguez Game Ogre
Anthony Burger Game Table Adventures
Lee Parker Game Table Adventures
Shawn Kwang Game Universe
Frank Fazio Gameshelf
John Norton Greenhouse Games
E. Michael Kelley Grognards
Jennifer Engracio Hanger 18
Clay Stretch Hard Knox
Tom Burgess Hard Knox
Nathan Ortega Hobbytown USA – Kennesaw
Jeff Plaine Imperial Outpost
Matt McAdoo Kingston Gaming Nexus
Joseph Clemens Kirwans
Howard West Legions
Robert Worth Legions
Johnny Mitchell Showcase Comics
Ben Thompson Showcase Comics
Kurt Reese Showcase Comics
Tony Iglesias Showcase Comics
Kyle Kriegsman Strategy & Games
Chris Edmonson The Game Cave
David Cicak Toy Soldier Gallery
Ian Baldwin Valhalla’s Gate
James Greaney White Knight Games
David Ziegler Wings, Wheels and Waves
Robert Bombkamp Your Hobby Place


The winners of an 150 point army:

Player Game Store
Derek Wagner Game Table Adventures
Colton Oldenburg Dreamers Vault
Bob Randou Adventure Games
Ross Bradley Kingston Gaming Nexus
Scott Mellon Wings, Wheels and Waves


The top prize of their height in boxes:

Player Game Store
Richard Disman Family Time Games


The store with the most toys collected (tie):

Family Time Games – Indianapolis, IN
Dreamers Vault – Saint Louis Park, MN


Battlefront’s recorded drawing (December 4, 2018) Interview with Richard Disman (December 9, 2018)



Christmas Wishes from Able Kompany

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