Legions Annual Battle of the Bulge Tournament

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Legions Annual Battle of the Bulge Tournament

Post by Baier » Sun Nov 24, 2019 10:53 pm

Legions Annual Battle of the Bulge Tournament

Saturday, December 7, 2019
1,750 point (v3 points used as they are not available for v4) Late War Tournament - V4
We will be using the More Missions Book, the same mission stance can only be used twice.

Legions Hobbies and Games
1130 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Registration starts at 11am (normal store opening time) and games begin at 11:30

Entry Fee is a Toy (at least $15 in value) that will be donated to Toys for Tots locally.

"In addition to the entry fee of 1 tot's toy, 3 additional toys can be brought, each giving you a chance at our Flames of War Plinko board! Each toy (including entry fee toy) gives you a chip to drop down the plinko board allowing you to win power ups to use during the tournament such as "auto pass follow me." Each power up can be used once. Use as many or as few in each game as you like. Every one one gets one chip, but with bonus gifts you can get up to 4."

Prize support will be provided by Battlefront on a National Basis. Please see https://battlerankings.com/toy-drive/

Lists are accepted from the following sources only:

The Battle of the Bulge and The Ardennes Offensive Books(ONLY)

Please send your lists to (dicemanrick@comcast.net) by December 4 for 1 additional VP. Lists built with Forces will receive 1 additional VP.

No fortified companies.

Rounds will last 2.5 hours. We will have a 15 minute break between the first and second round. One hour break will be between the second and third round. We will order pizza so that it is ready to be eaten at the end of the second round. This will let us get started on the third round as soon as everyone is finished eating. Pizza will be an additional $5 per person.

Tournament Scoring: Based on Victory Points earned plus bonus points. Tie breaker head to head, then strength of schedule.

With the exception of uneven signups, Red vs. Blue match-ups will be used for the first round, following rounds Swiss pairing. We will be using a hard stop when the TO calls 2.5 hours.

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