Lakeshore FOW MW 109 Tournament

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Lakeshore FOW MW 109 Tournament

Post by Shinybayonet » Sat Jul 27, 2019 12:51 am

Apologies for posting so late but good habits have to start somewhere. If any additional players attend due to this post there will be no point deductions for turning in a list the day of the tournament.

Lakeshore FOW July 27 Flames of War Tournament
Location: 3325 River Hill Dr NW Marne, MI 49534
Date: Saturday, July, 27 2019
Start Time: 11 am. Players should arrive by 10:30, please call Roger Modderman (616-240-6194) if you are running late.
Rules: V4, Mid-War tournament, 109 points. Up to 3 formations. Allied formations are fine. Command card upgrades are fine but cards must be present and their points included in the army list.

Tournament details
Number of player openings:10, if there is a lot of interest early on I will try to accommodate 12.

The tournament is 3 rounds, 2 hours and 15 each, with 30 minutes for lunch after the first round. The tournament should end around 7:00pm.
There is no fee for the tournament.

Players should contact Roger Modderman ( if they plan on attending. There will be a reserve list if more than 10 people sign up. Players should let Roger know if they are dropping or can’t play asap, so reserve players can be notified.
If we have an odd number I will play the odd number as the ringer.

Players should bring 3 identical physical copies of their list. Digital supplements/list on IPads are welcome but physical lists are required. Players should print off their lists before arriving. Players will use the same list for the entire tournament. Players should email their list to ( by 11:59pm on July 26th before the tournament to be reviewed.
Players must also bring a copy of:
Flames of War Version 4 Rulebook, either size
Forces book their list came from, including forces from other books and cards, including command cards if used
Any Errata related to the rules or their force
Players should also bring dice, tokens, template, measuring tape, objectives, or anything else they might need to play their army.
Armies don’t need to be fully primed, painted, or based, however units should still be clearly distinguishable.
WYSIWIG in terms of models is enforced (For example a Tiger I needs to be a Tiger I, it cannot stand in for a Tiger II). Players should inform their opponents of any specialized teams (such as small bases with panzerfausts), or special rules before their games(s) starts.

Missions will be determined the Flames of War battle plans more mission packet on Battlefront’s website. I recommend players print off the more missions packet. The link for the mission packet is below. (REARGUARD will not be played due to time constraints)
Players will be scored 3 ways:
Gameplay: This will be according to the Flames of War rulebook, max points 24, barring a forces or command card special rule.

Sportsmanship: At the end of the tournament each player writes down on a piece of paper their name and their 3 opponents based on how enjoyable the game was. Players can distribute up to 5 points, in increments of 2,1,0. A point will be added by the tournament organizer for submitting their list early. Max points 6

Best Painted: The best painted army will be voted on by the players. Max Points 1

There will be awards for:
• Best General (highest gameplay score)
• Best Painted (Player’s Choice)
• Best Sportsman (highest sportsman score)

Standings will be based on number of wins. Tie breakers will be, in order
Victory Points
Strength of Schedule

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